George Simpkin

We are all, of course, deeply saddened to hear of George’s recent passing and our thoughts and condolences are with Pip and the family.

It is impossible to describe how much he meant to so many people, not just in rugby terms, but as a shining example as a human being. He changed people’s lives and had the ability to bring out the best in everyone he dealt with. He gave the people he coached so much more than just an improvement in their game. He instilled ethics and values that people live by. Everyone he coached has, at the very least, one George story, which we love to tell and retell. He deeply influenced so many lives.

As for rugby, no one has done more for the development of the game in the region and the number of local players involved in the game is entirely attributable to the character and leadership of George. His enthusiasm for the game was boundless, whether coaching the National Team or a mini-rugby side. A compliment from George was the ultimate accolade and pleasure in Hong Kong rugby.

This group, more than most others, owes so much to George and we were so fortunate that we had so much from him.

George, it was a true honour to have known you and an incredible privilege to have called you a friend.

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