Message from HKRU CEO, Robbie McRobbie

“When Dave Lewis, Northy and Deano announced a few months ago that they’d had a good idea, I was naturally sceptical, and suspected that drink may have been consumed. However, I have to say they were right - HKRIPA is not just a good idea, it’s a great idea, and I’m delighted to say that HKRU are fully supportive. HKRIPA provides a network to bring together all those who have proudly worn a Hong Kong national shirt, from those who played at the highest level in Pac Rims and World Cups, to those who shared the special camaraderie of the Dragons, to those pioneers who drove the early years of Women’s rugby - our international game has a rich history populated with larger than life characters, fantastic stories, and of course some amazing players.

And now is the perfect time to launch the Association, with our current national teams enjoying a rich vein of form - our men’s Sevens team took their place in San Francisco earlier this year and continued Hong Kong’s proud tradition of qualifying for every World Cup Sevens, and then in August they defeated Japan to take Gold in the Asian Games. Meanwhile our men’s 15s team head to the Repechage in Marseille in November attempting to match our Women’s achievement and secure a slot in the World Cup.

Exciting times, and HKRIPA is part of this - not just the proud past, but also the bright future.

Robbie McRobbie

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